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Jonathan Wilson Hargrove retells the story about someone that had confessed that they thought that Rutba was a character in the Hebrew Scriptures that they simply had forgotten about.  Jonathan always say, “I’m glad you asked.” and no It’s not a forgotten character of the Hebrew Scriptures.  It is village in Iraq because we never want to forget what we learned there and this is why Jonathan lives at Rutba House in Durham NC.

The story of Rutba is a story to be shared.  We encourage you not to simply listen to the words in papers of this book but we encourage you to share it, to share with a friend, of father, a mother, a daughter, a son, a sister, a brother, a colleague, a classmate, a neighbor, or even with a stranger.  Share your copy, buy a copy for someone but whatever you do share the Gospel of Rutba with others

To buy a copy of The Gospel of Rutba we encourage you to visit your local bookstore or by it from The Simple Way online bookstore.  As you share the Gospel of Rutba with others, tell us about what you’re doing.  Visit us on Facebook to share your story and follow us on twitter @GospelofRutba.

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