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There is a particular magic about taking the Gospel of Rutba and acting on the unthinkable and the practical.  This little list is simply designed to spark the imagination, to spark your imagination of how you can take the gospel and do likewise.

  1. use the equity in your home to help someone who’s considered “illegal” buy a home
  2. host a dinner once a week for people who aren’t like you
  3. visit a church, mosque, or synagogue outside of your own faith tradition
  4. visit your local prison (invite someone who’s getting out soon to come and stay with you for a while)
  5. pray for your enemy
  6. ask your government to stop funding wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; when it’s time to pay taxes, consider direct action to cut defense spending (see War Tax Resisters League)
  7. write someone on death row
  8. the next time someone asks you for money, ask them to tell you their story
  9. read a book by a Muslim author
  10. read the Bible with someone who’s not like you
  11. add to the list on Facebook or twitter @GospelofRutba.

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